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why should we take the time to encourage homeschooling moms? (part two)

The second reason that encouraging homeschooling moms is so important is also rooted in Scripture.   The young pastor, Titus, was admonished by Paul in Titus 2:5, to instruct the older women to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children.  This vital ministry of building relationships with one another has been given especially to women. 

How well I remember one day, years ago, when one of the men from our church stopped by our house to borrow a book.  It was early in the morning and I was pacing the floor with a tiny infant who had cried nearly as much as I had all night long.  My husband had already left for work and I had decided to let the older children sleep a couple extra hours.  Standing there in a bathrobe, smelling of old breast milk and looking like I had just been dragged in by the cat, this man looked at me, observed the quiet in the house, and said, in his most lofty voice, “You know, the Bible tells us there are blessings to rising early?”  I muttered something like “Oh, we are usually up long before now,” but I was really thinking “Look, buster, you’re lucky you aren’t leaving with a black eye.”  How differently would that situation have looked had another mother dropped by my home, offering to hold the baby while I showered or unloaded the dishwasher for me while I enjoyed a cup of hot tea?  

In the first verse of Titus 2, Paul also stresses the importance of sound doctrine.   Besides ministering to each other on the practical level, we are called to teach good things, which implies teaching those things that are theologically correct.  Moms, theology is not just for fathers, it is for you, too!  Otherwise, how will you be able to give any other mom the hope she needs during the really difficult times?  Homeschooling moms need to have encouragers in their lives who are well prepared to greet the challenges of life with biblical truth; they deserve no less. Tomorrow we will look at one more important reason why we ought to make encouraging a homeschooling mom a priority.

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  Deanne wrote @

What a wonderful article..THANK YOU! As a “older” homeschool Mom, I begged for a Mentor in my *younger days*..and had to find support and encouragement through reading various books..Your articles really convicted me to “keep on–keeping on”, seeking younger moms who simply need encouragement and exhortation. I loved your comment that Theology is for Moms too! You are so right! I need to be in the Word, reading it and studying it for myself, applying it to my life and then teaching others. God Bless you Karen and I look forward to more “ThatMom” thoughts.
Love Deanne

  thatmom wrote @

Over the weekend I received a really insightful e-mail that said: “But what if it had been a homeschooling mom that had said (or thought!) those words because that is what she believed? I often feel that many (most?!) homeschooling moms have an image and idea of what homeschooling SHOULD look like and therefore really don’t entertain any other way. Until they get desperate. (Kind of like our walk with the Lord.) I so want to help moms calm down, relax, trust God for their health, their children, their husband, etc.”

Those thoughts are really at the core of what I hope to do at thatmom. The whole idea of the perfect image of a wife, a mother, or a homeschool mom is really idolatrous. God has a plan for each and every woman and no two plans look alike. God places the people He wishes to place in each family, the perfect combination of gifts, personalities, talents, and needs to accomplish His purposes. To present a list of “how-to-do-its” to another mom and claim it is “the way” is akin to what the Pharisees did that caused Jesus to rebuke them. Another important point is that relationships within a family are organic, that is, they flow naturally. So the “list” one person salutes would be contrived and useless to someone else. The key phrase in the e-mail I received was “trust God” and I think once we abide by a list of how to homeschool (or whateaver how to list) we have stopped living by faith and started living by fear.

  Sue C wrote @


>> The whole idea of the perfect image of a wife, a mother, or a homeschool mom is really idolatrous.

Oh, wow, Karen. Yes!!!! That’s it!!!! Thank you for phrasing what we do that way/making it our idol.

Thanks for starting up this blog. You chose a good part of my email to highlight here.


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