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March 2 podcast

podcast logo “I watched as she pulled out from her cedar chest, one glorious quilt after another.  I gasped with delight as each one was tenderly unfolded, each more incredible than the previous……”  Listen here for this week’s podcast entitled The High Calling of Motherhood.

copyright 2007



  Joy wrote @

Very good! Your first podcast was done well, you, good and faithful servant of H.S. moms.

Please post a picture of the quilt from your Grandmother. We would all love to see it!


  Hope wrote @


Lovely program! Reminded me of all the wonderful goodies we have from Larry’s family – including 3 quilts from Grandma! But, what we cherish most is the legacy that they left us of how to TRULY love one another!!

Blessings to your family!

  Gretchen Story wrote @

WHAT a delightful program! I truly enjoyed it. What a beautiful story you have to share and the way you tied it into Gods’ plan for each of us is awesome!

God Bless,

  thatmom wrote @

Hi Gretchen and welcome! Last week Joy and I spent several hours taping a podcast that will air in April. You will really be blessed by the things she has to say. So, when are we getting together again for some mom fun? The last time I saw you, you had just been sledding down a hill along with a bunch of homeschooling moms who were braver than I!
Or was it the night we had hand waxes? I can’t remember which was first.

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