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March 23 podcast

podcast logo “We parents have often concentrated on rightly discerning truth as it is presented in the Scriptures, as well we all should do , but without showing our children how to graciously show the love of Jesus to those who are not yet Christians and therefore cannot have the mind of Christ.  And, sadly to say, we also spend inordinate amounts of time worried about whether or not our kids can score well on SATs or if they have the outward appearance of the perfect homeschooler, but we aren’t too concerned about the issues of the heart.”   Listen here for this week’s podcast entitled Instructions in Graciousness.



  admonishing and exhorting one another « thatmom wrote @

[…] is mandatory in order to admonish someone properly.  (If you haven’t already, listen to the March 23, 2007 podcast on the importance of instructing children in graciousness.)  We know that having the quality of goodness is what sums up dozens of other virtues and we want […]

  part two of multi-generational faithfulness « thatmom wrote @

[…] Aunt Edith had been raised by a mother who read the Word of God, my own grandmother who also shared her love of the Word with me. The Lord gave her a life-long calling to evangelism that she purposed to fulfill whenever and […]

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