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April 6 podcast

podcast logo“I was stuck and couldn’t go anywhere when a car full of high school boys who rode the school bus with me drove by, and then drove by again, and the third time they stopped and rolled down the windows and laughed, hysterically!  I had to rip my pants so I could get down and run into the house.  It was the curse of the Amazon Barbie.”  Listen here for this week’s podcast entitled The Curse of the Amazon Barbie.



  Juliene Herr wrote @

Karen, I have REALLY enjoyed both the blog and the podcasts! I bought the MP3 player on sale at K-Mart last week mainly to download the podcasts and listen to them when I have to walk by myself. Anyway, my brother was helping me with some computer things today and we couldn’t figure out how to save the podcast so we could put it on the MP3. Do you know if that can be done? He thought some podcasts were made just to be listened to at the computer and wondered if this was one of those. Thanks for any help! Juliene

  thatmom wrote @


So good to hear from you!

Go to and subscribe to the RSS feed and that should do it!

Are you coming to convention this weekend?

  Juliene Herr wrote @

Hi Karen! I could not work it out to go to convention. I did subscribe to the podcast and still cannot figure it out. Hopefully, tomorrow night my neighbor can come over and help me out! Have a great day! Juliene

  thatmom wrote @


Let me know if you get it working. I will ask Clay what else he thinks you should look for.

I am sorry you won’t be at convention. But maybe we can chat at the picnic in May!


  Juliene Herr wrote @

Karen, Great news! My neighbor figured it out and I wrote it all down for future reference! I think I will save them for the weekend then I will have 3 of them to listen to while I have a walk. I look forward to seeing you at the picnic! Juliene

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