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June 1 podcast

podcast logo  “As her 17th birthday approached, her parents strongly encouraged her to study nursing, believing it was a suitable career for a young woman since it was considered useful and socially acceptable.  So in the fall of 1937, Betty enrolled in the University of Washington.  Betty was able to get good grades, but she hated her courses!  She studied anatomy and physiology.  She spent hours dissecting dead bodies and examining blood samples for infectious diseases.  Then in her second year, she began caring for patients at a local hospital, emptying bedpans and checking on patients.  But the truth was, Betty hated nursing.  What she really wanted to do was to fly!”  Listen here for this weeks’s podcast entitled The Woman Who Bravely Went Where No Woman Had Gone Before ~ The Incredible Story of Betty Greene.


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  raising homeschooled daughters, part three « thatmom wrote @

[…] remember reading the story of Betty Greene, the founder of Missionary Aviation Fellowship and one of the first women test pilots during World […]

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