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july 20 podcast

podcast logo  ” “The wise and courageous Jochebed knew a secret that would serve today’s mothers well.  She knew how to recognize greatness and she knew that greatness needs to be hidden at certain times.  She knew that a child of destiny cannot be treated as ordinary, cannot go along with the demands of culture, otherwise, Moses would have been dead before he was a day old.”  Listen here for this week’s podcast entitled “The Don’t Tell Mom Files” or “What I Have Learned About Educating Sons.”



  Julie wrote @

I so enjoyed this podcast. I think that the whole idea of fathers being the only ones able to teach young men is just an extreme reaction against the feminization of our public schools and the culture at large. The fact that men won’t be men and lead their families is a terrible problem, but the solution isn’t to get rid of a mother’s influence altogether.

I think worshipping the family as a god is a trap that many homeschooling families can fall into as they exalt the father in unbiblical ways.

Keep it up, Karen! This is great stuff!

  Susie wrote @


Good encouragement. Thanks!

I have a friend who has homeschooled/Christian-schooled her now 14 yr. old son. Her husband was lost to cancer almost 4 years ago. She herself is taking online graduate studies to complete that degree this year. Her older two children (girls) are now grown and away from the home. Both of her son’s grandfathers have also died within the last two years. So…there are NO male family members living in close proximity to her son.

She has made the decision to enroll him in public school this year. As one who has always homeschooled my dc, I somewhat cringe at thinking of him going to public school, but I know this family…very solid, steadfast, strong Christians. I believe the decision was wrought with much thought and prayer.

Any thoughts of encouragement for a mom in this type of situation?


  thatmom wrote @

Susie, I cringe, too. Is your friend making this choice because she thinks he needs to have male role models? There are so many better options than sending her child to the public school. Especially, given the trauma this young man has faced with losing three men who were important to him so recently and right at the time when he is becoming a young man. This mom does NOT need to turn this job over to someone else,, especially since these losses have probably brought them quite close. Who better to invest further in his life? If she is feeling like she can’t do this, please encourage her to rethink this and rezlize that God, in His sovereighty, gave that young man to her and, during this season of his life, only her. That is for a purpose.

Also, I would hope that her pastor would be able to hook her son up with someone to do some of those things she might not be able to do. Isn’t pure and indefiled relgion to take care of the widows and orphans? And isn’t mentoring a part of that? Can you see her reversing this decision? I surely hope so.

  thatmom wrote @

Hey, Julie,

You are more than welcome for the podcast and THANK YOU for the recipes. Everything you cook must be amazing. I always want to try every single recipe. Tomorrow I am going to upload my own version of Ratatouille. Ever since we saw that wonderful movie, my boys all want to cook. Did your boys see it? Mine love the “ick” factor of all those rats in the kitchen!

  Cindy K wrote @


Steve Schissel’s comments – that’s essentially feudalism, isn’t it?

You know what? Why don’t they just have boys with men all the time? Send them to the British version of “public school” (boarding school).

Only let men raise boys? Gee, sounds like day care for men and boys.

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