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august 17 podcast

podcast logo  “Not long ago, I read an admonishment to mothers that said we ought not to fall into the world’s trap of wanting just “me” time.  We were told that the life of motherhood is one of self-sacrifice and self-denial.  I believe every mother already knows this and has known it from the time the strip turned pink!  But, I would contend that one cannot truly have a life of giving to others unless one sets aside time just to relax, rejuvenate, and reflect and even sometimes doing so all alone…..Listen here to this week’s podcast entitled “The Homeschool Mom Refuge.”



  Talia wrote @

Hi Karen,
it was so nice to hear from you on my blog! My little ramblings are nothing much and I’m not very good at this whole blogging thing yet, but I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. 🙂
this is an amazing site you have going on here, by the way. I’m trying to make sure I make time to listen to your podcasts.

  thatmom wrote @

Hi Talia,

I wish I was closer so i could join your book club. I have often wanted to do that here but my only option when I checked it out was the local version of Oprah’s book club!

I hope you enjoy the podcasts and are blessed. Lots of good stuff coming in the next few months and I am now equipped to do long distance interviews so the sky (or the phone line) is the limit!

  thatmom wrote @

[…] the importance of downtime for homeschooling moms is a great reminder. If you haven’t listened to my podcast on the importance of mom’s taking personal days, be sure you take a personal day and do that, too! You also might want to read my suggestions for […]

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