real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

36 ways for a homeschooling mom to relax ~ one for each week of the school year

sip a strawberry lemonade under a tree in the yard
take a nap in a hammock
try on the expensive make-up at the counter in the mall
sit in the library with a stack of magazines
take a cooking class
take a ballroom dancing class
walk around the block alone
sip hot chocolate
watch a “chick” flick
crochet a new scarf
call an old friend
listen to Pavarotti
join a group that interests just you…for me it was Toastmasters
learn a new song on the piano or guitar
go alone to Wal-Mart and don’t buy paper products
have a pedicure
sit on the porch and count the kinds of birds you hear singing
curl up on the couch with your cat
have lunch with a friend and don’t talk about school
take a picnic for one and a good book to the park
hire someone to clean your bathroom, even just once
ride a bike to the nearest coffee shop
light candles in your bathroom and soak in a full tub
stir up an avocado face mask and apply it liberally
watch an entire season of a favorite TV show on DVD
sleep on a feather bed
sleep under a down comforter
put a fresh flower on your nightstand
plant tulip bulbs to enjoy next spring
get a massage
sew something fun using Amy Butler fabric
make a new Christmas decoration for your home
invite a couple friends over for a Jane Austen marathon
join or start a book club
watch the documentary Planet Earth
read a travel book on a favorite country


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[…] be sure you take a personal day and do that, too! You also might want to read my suggestions for 36 ways to relax, one for each week of the school […]

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