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what if…….

One of my sons likes to play “what if” with us, dreaming up impossible scenarios, hoping we will be hysterical with laughter, which we frequently are! So, here is a big “what if “for you, though it is far from impossible…..what if God called you to homeschool your children because of what He wanted to do in YOUR life?

That is the question I will be asking the moms at the homeschooling mom’s retreat in November. Just pondering that question causes me to praise and thank God for the richness He has brought to my life because of this adventure called homeschooling! Then there are the many things He has taught me, not just about history and pronouns, but about who He is and what He has called me to do. And perhaps, the most amazing thing of all, is considering how He has used homeschooling to polish off the rough edges of my life through teaching and discipling my own children.

The other day, a friend told me that when she began homeschooling over 20 years ago, she didn’t sign on for many of the things that have been struggles for her. As she prepares for giving her testimony of God’s grace through some of those things, and bounced some of her ideas off of me, it struck me how different each homeschooling mom is and how each story is another picture of God’s goodness and faithfulness, His particular gifts to the body of Christ.

I have come to believe that the only way we can grasp what God is doing in our own lives and in the lives of our children is to understand the difference between our “calling” our “role” and our “purpose” both as women and as homeschooling moms. When those three words and concepts are used interchangeably or are confused or even misused, we miss the full picture of what God has in store for each of us, our place within our own families, and especially our place within His glorious, eternal family.

I hope to share some of the things I am learning over the next few weeks and if you live any where close enough to Peoria to join us for the retreat, please consider coming. The moms who are preparing to share their lives with you are awesome examples of God’s goodness, mercy, and grace and I can’t wait to hear what He has placed on their hearts.



  deannecrawford wrote @

Amen and Amen!! Karen, we have had this discussion before–smile–but it is so true..Homeschooling has done far MORE for me than my children. He had some serious character training to do IN ME!! I praise Him that I submitted to Manuel (and GOD!) to homeschool…as it was the LAST thing I wanted to do….
Love Deanne

  Julie wrote @

How true this is! God has used homeschooling to expose my own sin and to cause me to cry out to him for forgiveness and wisdom.

My folks are from St. Louis but I’m out in the wilds of the West. I sure wish I could come! Will you be posting any of your talks from that day??

  thatmom wrote @

HI Julie,

One of my hopes is to get permission from the other ladies who share their testimonies to allow me to use them on future podcasts. I also have my son working on turning my presentations from last year into a podcast or two and will do the same with this year’s.

The most powerful thing about the mom’s retreat has been hearing how the Lord is working in the lives of homeschooling moms just like you and me. The one comment we have heard repeatedly is how down to earth and real the testimonies are. I love that and I love providing a forum for moms to share with others and for the rest of us to benefit so greatly. When I get a note that says, “Thanks for asking so and so to give her testimony. It is just what the Lord is trying to teach me and it opened my eyes” it is intensely gratifying!

Another plan I have is to put together a “how to” booklet to share so others can benefits from the many things we have learned in the past 5 years of retreats. The whole concept it totally reproducible, in that the expense can be very low, it is real one anothering by real moms so you don’t need to bring in any costly homeschooling speakers, and the combination of good fellowship, meaningful and fresh dialog, combined with humor and chocolate makes for an awesome day!

And I sure wish you were close enough to come as well!

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