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october podcast schedule ~ a whole month of spunky

Well, I have just listened to all Clay and I have recorded so far with Spunky and let me tell you, it is great stuff! So much great stuff, in fact, that we didn’t think we ought to edit out very much of it, so you will all be treated to a Month of Spunky! Be sure to listen to the past podcasts in this series, if you haven’t already, and then join me as Spunky and I discuss the ramifications of hyper-patriarchy and patriocentricity on women, wives, moms, and daughters.

October 5 ~ Part One of Patriocentricity’s Effects on Husbands and Wives ~ Spunky Homeschool Mom, Karen Braun, joins thatmom for a discussion on some of the teachings for wives within the patriocentric camps, including a review of Debi Pearl’s extremely popular book Created to be His Helpmeet.

October 12 ~ Part Two of discussion on wives

October 19 ~ Part One of Discussion on Patriocentricity’s Effects on Daughters and Families ~ Spunky continues to discuss this important and timely topic with thatmom, as they review So Much More by the “visionary daughters” Elizabeth and Anna Sophia Botkin. (We might include a review of their new film, too, if we can get our hands on a copy or two before then.) And we will be looking at Raising Maidens of Virtue by Stacy McDonald, too, as we discuss the various views of raising daughters within homeschooling circles today.

October 26 ~ Part Two of discussion on the visionary daughters



  joanna wrote @

Stacy and Jennie will be having a book out soon. I’d love to read a review of it from *our* point of view.

  thatmom wrote @

Joanna, it is on my list and I look forward to reviewing it here. I am holding out some hope that, if Elisabeth Elliot’s daughter has read and endorsed this book, perhaps the views of what women can and cannot do will be modified. But I did notice that her daughter, Valerie Shepard, is a missionary who serves with the PCUSA. I am trying to see how all these “facts” fit together with authors who are published by VF and who heartily endorse the Botkins’ book. Any insights would be helpful, as it does seem to be confusing.

  Annie wrote @

“Jesus came that we might have life abundant. Passionate Housewives reminds us where we might find that life: in submitting to our husbands, in serving our children through loving and training them, and in believing the Word of God.” —Denise Sproul, Wife of Pastor R.C. Sproul Jr.”

I just read this at Stacy’s site and is it just me or did you wonder at the order of priorities too (husband, children and God)? Maybe it was a typo and not how it is in her heart. To give her the benefit of doubt. 🙂

  Cally Tyrol wrote @

Yay! A whole MONTH of Spunky!! I’m really excited about this because Spunky is always so articulate and clever, but you know that she is a real Berean as well. I’m just thrilled. Can’t wait till tomorrow.

As for “Passionate Housewives”, yeah, I’ll be reading it as well, although I will not buy it through Vision Forum. I’ll be looking for it on other sites. I know VF will get some of the money as they are publishing it- that cannot be helped- but hopefully I can find a ministry that I do support when i purchase it.

  thatmom wrote @

Cally, you will not be disappointed.
As a matter of fact, each Spunky podcast is better than the previous one!

Articulate Bereans are what we are encouraging around here!

  thatmom wrote @

Oh, and Cally, be sure to read this blog entry for more on becoming a Berean:

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