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great thought #10

“If there is one time more than another when children ought to hear only loving words from their parents, and be helped to feel that theirs is a home of love and gladness, it is when they are going to bed at night.  Good-night words to a child ought to be the best of words, as they are words of great potency.  Yet not every parent realizes this important truth, nor does every child have the benefit of it.”

H.  Clay Trumball



  Natalie wrote @

So true! Yet how often in our end of day weariness and frustration do we forget this simple fact. We have the power in that moment to color their nighttime thoughts and dreams.

  Kim Anderson wrote @

Hi Karen! His book on parenting is one of my favorites! I love his chapter on Christmas. I am going to re-read it today! Thanks for the reminder.

  corriejo wrote @

Beautiful! I love that quote. What a great reminder and one I needed to hear! I agree with Kim, this is one of my favorites on child-rearing.

  Kerry wrote @

Thank you for reminding me of this lovely book. I’d been swayed by some of the more over-bearing types of parenting advice when I came across Trumbull’s book. It utterly opened my eyes!

My kids have been at each other leaving DH and I feeling overwhelmed and defeated. When I read this quote, I remembered this book and determined to pull it back out and re-read. I’m already feeling better! Mr. Trumbull’s gentle advice is what I needed.


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