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Today, Clay and I are celebrating 33 years of marriage. I am not sure if we have changed more physically or spiritually. It is probably a toss-up.

We were married on a Friday evening, in a blizzard, in the church where I had grown up and where my parents had been married 32 years earlier, to the day. In honor of them, I asked my friend, Beth, to sing the song You Are Always in My Heart, a World War II love ballad that someone had sung at their wedding.

Clay and I had written our own vows (how very 1975) and the pastor who married us was also the college professor who taught the class we were in when we first met. We were young and foolish and knew nothing about being married! But by God’s grace and His watch care over us, we have been blessed beyond any measure I could ever have imagined.

Happy anniversary, honey. I love you. Here’s to at least 33 more glorious years together! And the memories just keep on coming……….

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any ping pong balls, harmonicas, or ballerinas at our wedding, nor was our wedding party as colorful as this group!



  Kim wrote @

Happy Anniversary Karen and Clay! May God bless you with 33(at least!) more wonderful years.
You both have been a blessing to us.

And that picture is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Kim

  Lin wrote @

It is always the young men’s hair or lapels that gives away the year! :o)

Great picture and what a blessing of 33 years.

  TulipGirl wrote @

Thirty three years! Rejoicing with you!

(And how sentimental, same church, same song. . .)

  Corrie wrote @

Karen, what a beautiful post! I love the picture! 33 years??? You can teach us “newlyweds” a thing or two! LOL February is the month when I got married, too. It is 17 years for us.

  thatmom wrote @

Thank you for the celebratory words!

We went to Peoria’s River Station for dinner on Friday evening, the first time we have been there since it reopened last spring after being closed for several years. Every table has a lovely view of the Illinois River and the food was exceptionally delicious. We then spent the weekend relaxing with the family, finishing season 4 of Columbo (Clay’s favorite!) and trying to keep warm in the sub-zero temps that hit the prairie!

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