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great thought #17 ~ a blast from the past

We began homeschooling our children nearly 23 years ago and when we began, there was only one family in our entire county who also homeschooled….and then they moved 1000 miles away! Consequently, much of our encouragement came from reading whatever we could get our hands on regarding homeschooling, even if there were subtle or not so subtle differences in motivation and philosophy. That resulted in our having many varying tools in our parenting and homeschooling toolbox, which I believe is a good thing.

This article by John Holt, one of the earliest advocates of homeschooling, brought back many memories to me as I recently discovered that it has been re-released online. Originally written in 1980, so much of what he has to say needs to be said again, to this generation of homeschoolers, and I think you will enjoy much of what he has to say!


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  Sue C wrote @

For educational philosophy, I’ve appreciated John Holt’s viewpoint, especially coming from a “trained” teacher.

Sue C

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