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on which level of hell did dante’s washing machine belt break?

The largest award in my Hall of Shame trophy case is the one I received for NEVER being caught up with the laundry. If I had been asked to walk the Red Carpet to receive said award, it would have been impossible…..can’t even find the floor.

This week I have surpassed even my own accomplishments. 10 days ago I discovered that the washing machine was not spinning out properly and, after taking it apart, Clay determined that we needed two parts…a new belt and a motor kit, whatever that is. And whatever it is, it is not in stock. ANYWHERE. The belt arrived in 2-day express mail as promised. Yesterday we received an e-mail from the parts store telling us that the motor kit is not available from the manufacturer until MARCH 6th. MARCH 6th? Are they crazy? Who, in his right mind, runs out of a part for a washing machine?

I went to the laundromat on Saturday afternoon and took the essentials…towels, boys’ jeans, underwear, (though I do have a “contingency stash” of underwear and socks for Clay in a bag in my closet, known only to me and hidden behind the sports coat that he doesn’t ever wear) and a few beloved t-shirts that HAD to be washed. There was an entire aisle of washers bearing out-of-order signs and I was immediately informed by an older gentleman which 3 of the 20 dryers were actually drying that day. Tonight I will repeat this process.

It all reminded me of the time I found one pair of underwear in the pocket of each of my son’s jeans and asked him about it. He told me that it was his “system” for never running out of underwear. He knew he always had an extra pair just in case I didn’t get the whites all washed.

I believe I was teaching the character trait of “initiative” that week.



  Kim wrote @

Hi Karen!
I have decided that laundry helps me to understand eternity, (you know, it’s eternal and unending)…only heaven will be lots(!) better than doing laundry!

although….laundry is one household job that I actually like! But it’s amazing how quickly we can go from being “caught up” with laundry to having a mountain of it again to tackle.

Our washer broke down last summer, the same time our refridgerator decided to stop being cold….and it was 90 degrees….I hope you get yours up and running soon!!

  thatmom wrote @

Why do these things all break down at once? Our van went into the shop last week. It is a transmission problem and does not sound cheap.
I really cannot complain since it is the first time we have had something wrong with the car in the 4 years we have had it. But this sounds like a big problem. Clay always says he isn’t going to own a car when he retires and I tell him that I will drive him anywhere he wants to go in my car, since I plan to own a car when he retires! 🙂

  Talia wrote @

Ok, that is too funny about the underwear in the pocket! Smart thinking! 🙂 Maybe I should tell my hubby that one…

  thatmom wrote @

Talia, of course you know WHICH unnamed attorney son dreamed up that plan, don’t you? 🙂

  measuring awful « thatmom wrote @

[…] As previously mentioned, the washing machine is now beginning its third week of vacation. (I think it is secretly glad to be missing two key parts.) I have found a lovely laundromat, one with working washers and dryers, a floor so clean even Monk would wash his collared shirts there, even twice. I can make it until the new part arrives, though I find myself considering March 6, the part-is-available-to-ship date, as a benchmark day. You know, “Oh, so you can come for dinner on March 7? Great, that is the day after my washing machine part is available” or “Sure, grandma can have the dobbler test on the left artery in her neck on March 10. That is only 4 days until my washing machine part is available.” I am really looking forward to March 6th. […]

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