real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

gotta love a dad that homeschools, especially when he is your own son!




  Carol wrote @


After seeing the few glimpses of your family’s houses, I’d say you are all pretty good interior decorators as well. Very warm. 🙂

  TulipGirl wrote @

Hubby does the bulk of the homeschooling in our family–and he is just the best! It seems as if he’s been able to embody so many of the homeschooling “ideals” that I have. . . just naturally! (Not to put pressure on him.) I know just how blessed our family is.

  thatmom wrote @

Carol, Sam’s wife is Cuban and she has this wonderful, lively decorating sense. Everything is cheery and inspiring.

  thatmom wrote @


My husband has always been involved with homeschooling. Just ask Mollie about his famous “Math with Dad” overheads! 🙂

Right now he is taking our son, Ben, through an electrical/electronics course he designed for him in prep for a sound engineering school he hopes he can afford this fall! It is fun to watch three big hulking young men all crowding around Dad, asking really good questions and sticking wires in things to make them whirrr, hummmm, and crackle!

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