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april 4 podcast

Podcast Logo “As our family continues to works its way through American History, we are spending a great deal of time studying World War 2. There is just so much information to absorb and so many great documentaries to watch, rabbit trails that beckon us to wander through the lives of interesting people who are part of the heritage we enjoy as Americans. This is one of the reasons I love homeschooling so much…we can actually enjoy learning about all those great things no one will ever have to know for a test. We can meander to our hearts content and actually love learning.” (Please excuse my voice on this podcast. I continue to struggle with some laryngitis…pray that I will be back to normal soon!)

This is a picture of one of the ladies from the North Platte Canteen serving cake to one of the 6 million soldiers who passed through the Canteen during WW 2. I hope you will all read Bob Greene’s wonderful book One Upon a Town when you study the “Big One.” The Canteen Spirit is a documentary that also tells the story of this event and you will enjoy browsing the official website of the North Platte Canteen as well as looking through the pictures and commentary. NPR also has an archived broadcast you might like to hear as well as a slide show.



  thatmom wrote @

Our family watched The Canteen Spirit tonight and it was awesome. I hope you all will check it out from the library or Netflix because you will be amazed at the story as they tell it and the ladies they interview along with some of the soldiers who passed through the Canteen!

  TulipGirl wrote @

I thought you’d enjoy these pics of another family studying WW2 this year, though their children are younger than yours.

  thatmom wrote @

Those pictures are priceless! I especially loved the “secret message.” 🙂

  dmbaldwin wrote @

I have been reading anything I can on the North Platte Canteen. A woman I work with talked to her Dad after I shared what it was, and he stopped through there twice. It’s great how ten minutes can change person’s life forever.
Thanks for the post.

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