real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

feeling crafty?

Here is an opportunity to meet new people, plan and make a fun surprise for a new long distance friend, and receive a lovely apron for yourself. I already have a plan for the apron I am going to make and am excited about the one my swap partner will be sending to me!



  Kim wrote @

Karen, I saw this on Mollie’s blog and would love to do the swap! If I wasn’t getting the house ready to sell, and moving, and homeschooling, and planning a wedding…….maybe I would do it.

I love aprons, though. Fun. Just plain fun, that’s what they are.

  thatmom wrote @

Kim, I am excited about the apron swap….I really love aprons, too. Mollie did the spring swap and really enjoyed it so she registered to do the summer swap and convinced me to join her.

Actually, it is all a mad plot to get me behind the wheel of my sewing machine, the vision of cute little girl dresses dancing in her brain! Did you see that latest picture of Lola? I am getting ready to post a picture of both Lola and Mollie at that age….it is uncanny how much they look alike.

  Kim wrote @

Karen, I was up late last night…mopping the water in the basement and reading blogs, and I saw mollie’s latest entry and cried! So sweet that picture of Lola!! And so fast these babies grow up! I remember thinking those same thoughts about my wee ones. *sigh* Grandbabies are on the horizon for me, too, I hope!!

And that’s another reason I like aprons; they are fun and quick to sew. I just made a cute one for Chelsey. Pink rickrack and ruffles…she loves it.

Talk to you soon……………

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