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part three ~ very real threats you need to be aware of as you head for a homeschooling convention

#3. The Threat to Your Relationship with Jesus Christ and Others

So, there I was, Cardinals’ ball cap on my head, an extremely overpriced hot dog in my hand, and holding a scorecard written in some sort of athletic hieroglyphics. I am not exactly what you call a baseball fan, but I am a HUGE fan of my sons. So, when the oldest one wanted me to share opening day at Busch Stadium with him this year, how could I refuse? Apple pie was the only missing ingredient for a perfect American experience.

As I sat in the bleachers last week and began to study the crowd, I noticed something interesting. From the front, all the people wearing Cardinal jerseys looked pretty much the same but when they turned around, various fans had the names of a certain player across their shoulder blades….Pujols, Wainwright, Molina or whomever. These guys weren’t just Cardinal fans, they had favorites and wanted everyone to know it.

Today, I want to discuss what I believe is the greatest threat for a homeschooling mom as she heads off to a convention this year. This threat has the potential to make or break your career as a homeschooling mom for one reason alone….it threatens your very relationship with Jesus Christ, your husband, your children or your relationship to the body of Christ. It is the temptation to align ourselves with one particular homeschooling speaker, author, or vendor to the exclusion of others and without examining the core teachings that are at the root of that person’s agenda. Rather than remaining simply a Christian homeschooling mom, we are tempted to identify with one particular branch of homeschooling, putting on the jersey, as it were, of one special group, which can often cause us to look at the world through a particular paradigm rather than looking at homeschooling from a purely Biblical perspective.

In the books of Acts, we read about a man by the name of Apollos. He was a Jewish believer who was very well educated, having come from Alexandria, where he was thoroughly trained in the Scriptures. He was charismatic in his speech, persuasive and dogmatic, passionate and bold. He had been a disciple of John the Baptist but didn’t yet have an understanding of Jesus and His Gospel message. Soon he found himself being mentored and instructed by Priscilla and Aquilla so his faith and doctrine would be accurate.

When Apollos began to minister in Corinth, the Christians there soon were attracted to him and his naturally winsome ways. Some of them began to state openly that “they were of Apollos” which caused others to respond by saying they were disciples “of Paul.” Seeing that this was causing disunity and strife among the Corinthian believers, Paul admonished them all to be simply followers of Jesus Christ only and to commit themselves to a thorough study of God’s word, warning them not “to go beyond what is written.” In other words, the Corinthian believers were to be discerning and not to embrace those things that were added on to the Gospel of Christ. And Paul was even willing to place himself under such scrutiny!

I would encourage you moms to be wise and discerning as you evaluate books, CD’s, curriculum, or workshop presentations at conferences this year. Hold all teachings up to the Word of God. Examine them carefully. Evaluate the lives of those who are doing the teaching and do not be swayed by charismatic words or persuasive speech. Heed Jesus’ warnings from Matthew 7 where he tells us that there are false teachers among us. Some of them may even be at a homeschooling conference, threatening your very relationship with your children, your husband, with fellow believers, and even with the Lord. Remember that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ alone.



  Julie wrote @

so, so good Karen. it’s a temptation you can face even from reading blogs and books by homeschoolers.


*i’m from stl 🙂

  Susan T wrote @

Will you be at a booth this weekend Karen, at APACHE?

  thatmom wrote @

Susan, I really wish we were able to have a Treasures booth this year but there was no money in the budget for it. Since we are no longer sponsored by a local church, we rely on donations right now. However, be sure to pick up a Treasures Save the Date card at the APACHE booth. They very graciously agreed to hand them out for us this year….you need to mark your calendar and join us! 🙂

Clay and I are planning to attend the conference, though, if his work situation allows for it this weekend. I am really wanting to hear Steve Lambert speak.

I will look for you!

  thatmom wrote @

Julie, you are so correct. Sometimes my greatest discouragement has come from those resources. This past year I have found some wonderful encouragement and words of wisdom from other resources, one I had avoided previously because they had been discouraged by the homeschooling powers that be. I am so sad that I spent years missing out on some of the wonderful tools that are available for moms.

Hey, I am just getting caught up on my blog reading and saw your exciting news. YEAH! I am hoping for another girl for you…..:)

  Julie wrote @

me, too! but i’ll be pleased with whichever i get. i’m just not sure i can part with those dresses… 🙂

do you have a recommended resources list on your blog somewhere? i’d love to know where a veteran homeschooling mom likes to find stuff…

  thatmom wrote @

Julie, I will have to put together that sort of list.

For several years we have tended to use real books rather than curriculum so I like to shop for used books that I think we might enjoy. Since my mom lives with us and is an avid reader, building a personal library she can enjoy, too, has also been part of my plan.

One of the best resources I have been using the last few years to teach history and to inspire the kids in reading biographies and other non-fiction books has been using Netflix. There are so many great biographies and documentaries that upper elementary kids and high school students will enjoy. Some of the ones we have watched would even be fun for elementary students, like the history of Hershey chocolate! We watched that one as we studied the 2nd industrial revolution at the turn of century and were amazed that many of the candy making machines used today are the original ones used more than a century ago!

I try to keep a running list of books we would like to read and ones we would like to own. When my husband was a kid and first learning to read, he remembers scouring his parents’ home for anything and everything he could, just to keep up with his desire to read and learn. I think most children are just like that if they don’t have other distractions or aren’t kept too busy running here and there all the time. We fight the computer game monster but generally if I have a stack of things to read that are interesting, they usually will pick them up, want to know more about a subject, will google it, study it, and tell everyone else all about it!

You know, I think I should blog about delight centered learning……

  spring = time for homeschooling conventions « thatmom wrote @

[…] a mom’s contentment that can come when an extra-biblical agenda for dad’s is promoted. And in part three, I talk about the threat that homeschooling conventions can become to your relationship with Jesus Christ and with others. I hope you will take the time to read […]

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