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Cindy Kunsman’s workshop on patriocentricity

I wanted to alert everyone that Cindy Kunsman has uploaded her video presentation on patriocentricity to her blog. She did a terrific job of identifying and outlining a HUGE topic in a short amount of time and I hope you will all set aside some time to watch/listen to it.

Also, she mentions several topics related to patriocentricity that I didn’t address in the first series of podcasts that I did on this subject last fall but that I am planning to examine in the 2nd series on patriocentricity coming up later this year so I know she will be salting your oats when you listen!

And then be sure to come back here and listen to my interview with Cindy that begins on April 18th, Lord-willing. She will be discussing the various aspects of spiritual abuse, especially as they affect those within the homeschooling community. I know you won’t want to miss it!



  sarah wrote @

Cindy, you are a lovely and well-spoken lady. What a treat to put a beautiful face with your name.

  thatmom wrote @

You know,Sarah, I had the same thought as I watched her presentation. Isn’t Cindy just lovely?

I have been blessed to actually hear her infectious laugh and it was so fun to put such a cute face along with it!

Did you also notice all the “gasps” from the audience as she went through her presentation? Some of the things that have become nearly “mainstream” to those of us who have been around patriocentricity for a while really ARE shocking when you hear about them for the first time!

  WWF Cindy wrote @

First of all, thanks for the compliments. I am blessed and encouraged by this as I have been upset about my thyroid problems that have left me overweight. Funny how correcting the thyroid doesn’t make the weight come off, isn’t it?

Now, for the problem. I had so much demand for the video that even with expanding my bandwidth so I could host the video, I exceeded my monthly capacity. I may have to post it in short bits on youtube and take the video offline so that I can get the website back up.

It looks like I had over a hundred hits over the course of just a few hours with so many people trying to access the video. It will be available in audio format in a few weeks via the EMNR website, and I have asked my website hosting company for prices on offering my own audio only.

I’m disappointed that the video didn’t get more viewing, and if it is not too cost prohibitive, I will try to provide it. It is encouraging to know that so many people are interested in the video however.

It will take some work to get this back online and I may have to purchase software in order to edit… BUMMER!

  Cindy K wrote @

The videos are now online on my YouTube channel that I named “Patriocentricity.”

I also have the videos (all seven of them) featured on my blog with clarifications listed below each entry.

My website ( is offline until further notice.

  The entire patriarchy video now back online wrote @

If anyone is interested and as a matter of record:

Quite miffed about all the controversy over this video, Raphael of Spiritwatch ministries cropped out the names of the apologetics organization and seminary from the video, added “unnamed apologetics organization” and “unnamed seminary” in the title clip — AND HE POSTED THE WHOLE THING IN STREAMING VIDEO on his own website.

He hasn’t figured out how to embed it (and neither have I), but if you follow the link and you are interested, you can now download or watch the streaming video if you have Real Player on your computer.

God bless Raphael and his wonderful wife, Joy, for doing so much work on this whole project. He spent a lot of time working on this all without me asking or doing anything, and I am so grateful. God bless them and their ministry,

  thatmom wrote @

Great news, Cindy!!!

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