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Clay and I are planning to attend our local homeschooling conference in Peoria this weekend and are really looking forward to hearing Steve Lambert from Five in a Row. I have very fond memories of using this wonderful curriculum with my youngest boys and now my grandchildren are enjoying the same delightful books recommended in this series.

I also enjoy reconnecting with people we have known through homeschooling connections since the pre-conference days when we all excitedly chatted during one lonely workshop at the local Sunday school convention about 25 years ago! We’ve come a long way, baby.

Of course, it is also a time to see some of the moms I have gotten to know through the Treasures retreat. That has become one of the highlights of the convention! If you see me and I don’t see you, be sure to come and say hello. And ask my husband about drinking the water with the used Q-tip in it!

I want to encourage anyone close enough to Peoria to attend the APACHE conference. And I also want to encourage everyone else to take a long look at the conferences in your area. If you see that your local planning committee has gone out of their way to make the conferences appealing to a variety of families and homeschooling philosophies, give them your support and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts! I know it will be appreciated!



  Corrie wrote @


I posted this over at TW but I thought I would post it here. I have been a regular attender of the APACHE convention for over 8 years. I have especially enjoyed their focus over the past few years. I really enjoyed last year’s convention. It was a breath of fresh air.

“It’s not just about us, it’s about a movement and a way of life.”

This was a quote from some woman very emotional about how the homeschooling movement is going down the tubes because people are no longer gung-ho about manmade doctrine being passed off as the very precepts of God.

Yep, that about sums it up. It is a movement and a way of life but where does the Bible fit into all of it?

I went to the Peoria Homeschool convention last year and I had two couples strike up a conversation with me out of the blue. They were kind of new to homeschooling and had young families. Both of these couples, independently of one another (this happened at two separate times, the two couples did not know each other and they are the ones who initiated this conversation with me) told me how they were turned off by the whole VF thing when it was big at Peoria a few years before. They didn’t go for a couple of years after Doug Phillips had come to speak there because, in their opinion, he was so extreme. They also said the things he said just didn’t sit well with them and they were both very conservative bible-believing Christians. They finally decided to try again last year and they were pleasantly surprised by the lack of hyper-patriarchal focus and “weirdness”.

I think if we look around and see all of the other conventions cropping up we will see that people are PROTESTING the hyper-patriarchal infiltration of the major conventions and it has been happening for a long time. People do not want to be sold a lifestyle. They want to learn how to teach their kids math and grammar and how to organize their day. They are out of touch with what homeschoolers want. No one wants to sit there and be lectured about how their husbands should be there and that women should stop dominating the homeschool scene! And this is exactly what happened at one convention I went to where Doug Phillips keynoted. I was with a bunch of homeschooling moms from my church and they were totally having culture shock. They had no idea what all of the patriarchal sub-culture was about.

I am GLAD that conventions are waking up and starting to see the problems with peddling someone’s idea of how everyone should live. I kept on going to them but I did not enjoy the ones I went to where the patriarchal focus was overbearing.

I believe the Y2K debacle was the start of purging the conventions of these extreme elements. After all, I felt like I was held hostage to their hysteria in 1998 and 1999 and it dominated the conventions. All sorts of craziness being taught and basically any extremist was given a platform.

It is time to get back to the basics of loving God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.

Jesus tells us in Jn. 7:24 to not judge by appearance but judge with a righteous judgment. If you read that whole passage in its context you will see that he is speaking to the Pharisees who were angry at Him for healing on the Sabbath, thus breaking their own manmade rules all the while they circumcised on the Sabbath.

How do we judge with a righteous judgment? By KNOWING the word of God.

The homeschool patriarchal movement is predicated on judging appearances. And when they are challenged they behave the same way the Pharisees did when Jesus broke all of their rules and laws.

They had the law of Moses but they didn’t really know it. It is just the same thing, 2000 years later.

  thatmom wrote @

Corrie, I, too, have had people tell me that they found Doug’s presentation and presence in Peoria to be odd. We hosted him the following Sunday at the church we were attending at the time. He spoke for a couple hours and didn’t really preach but chose to talk about wayward daughters. It was strange.

Last year’s convention was terrific and I kept hearing rave reviews of Diana Waring’s presentation about homeschooling outside the box. I honestly believe that the majority of homeschoolers go to conventions wanting to be inspired but not indoctrinated.

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