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earthquake alarm clock and interesting links…a connection?

I woke up this morning to several things colliding at once, like planets.

First of all, at 4:30 am I was literally shaken awake when we felt the southern Illinois earthquake. My bed actually moved and our bedroom door rattled loudly. I thought it felt like an earthquake, since I felt one once. But when the guys came home from the paper route, they stared at me with blank expressions. Several hours later Clay called from work to say everyone there was talking about the earthquake with the epicenter just north of Evansville. I guess you don’t feel things like that at the crack of dawn while you are putting newspapers into rain bags and trying to get it done so you can go to work.

Later on, I checked my e-mail and found this interesting link to an article that was written in Cindy Kunsman’s defense surrounding the criticism of her presentation on patriocentricity. Thank God for pastors like Wade Burleson who is willing to call out his own denomination for their extra-biblical views of women and the teachings of some of the SBC leadership in their slide toward patriocentricity. Perhaps that epicenter was really in Louisville.

Given the interest here in the discussion on the little boy and the French toast, I also wanted to draw your attention to a new thread on the True Womanhood blog that is discussing the various types of parenting philosophies within the church. Of special interest is the article on the young women who were abused while staying in a place called Hepzibah House. You will be appalled as you read their stories. I am very interested in knowing if anyone has heard any of the various homeschooling leadership recommend or refer parents to this organization run by Ronald E. Williams, pastor of Believer’s Baptist Church in Winona Lake. If so, please drop me a note.



  Carol wrote @

Somewhat off topic:
This link reminded me of the patriocentricity sects in North America.

  Cindy K wrote @

I love the Guardian! We get a weekly magazine of it in the mail on the other side of the pond and I listen to podcasts all the time.


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