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healing the bruised reed

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he leads justice to victory. ” ~ Matthew 12:20

This week I am welcoming Dr. Cindy Kunsman to join me as I begin a series of podcasts discussing the concept of spiritual abuse within the home and within the church, especially as it relates to homeschooling families.

The whole concept of spiritual abuse first occurred to me a number of years ago when I read several articles in World Magazine on the sexual abuse that was occurring within the Catholic Church. I finished reading them and something really bothered me but I couldn’t exactly define it. I then reread the articles and began to realize that the issue wasn’t really about sex at all; it was about power and control. It was really an issue of the spiritual abuse of those within the body of Christ.

The subject of spiritual abuse is one that has become mainstream within recent years and even the biblical conflict resolution group called Peacemakers now offers training to those who are working with victims of spiritual abuse. There are several websites given to the topic and it seems like every time I turn around, another book has been written to help those who have been subjected to spiritual abuse find hope and healing and a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ.

In their book The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, authors David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderan give this working definition: “Spiritual abuse is the mistreatment of a person who is in need of help, support or greater spiritual empowerment, with the result of weakening, undermining, or decreasing that person’s spiritual empowerment.”

As the weeks go on, I hope you will feel free to join the discussion on this blog after each podcast and will share your thoughts and concerns about this growing phenomenon within the church. We will be recommending books and other resources and I hope and pray that this will be a time of learning for those who don’t understand this issue, a time of healing and comfort for those who have experienced spiritual abuse themselves, and a time of repentance for those who recognize in themselves the tendency to spiritually mistreat or misuse others. God is good. His mercies endure forever.


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