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grandbaby photo of the week

“Yes, Grandma, this IS how much I love you,” says Vienna.



  Sandy wrote @

I LOVE this picture!

My older granddaughter who just turned 4 was sleeping with me one night a couple of months ago. I wasn’t getting muich sleep due to her sleeping ON me all night and wiggling around. At about 3 or so in the morning, right about the time I was starting to get frustrated over the alck of sleep, she turned over once again in her sleep, looked up at me with her sleepy eyes and mumbled, “You’re the best grandy in the whole world.” I think I gladly stayed awake the rest of the night to see if she would do it again! LOL Changed my perspective of a sleepless night.

  thatmom wrote @

Sandy, I love that story!

Since all our grandbabies now live on either coast, I have to enjoy the pictures as much as I can. One of these days perhaps we will live near little ones again. I would gladly take a few of your sleepness nights!

  Sandy wrote @

My granddaughters also live on the coast and are 8 hours from here but I’m blessed with a wonderful daughter in law who will visit us even when my son is unable to do so as he’s in the Marines. She will bring the girls and stay for a couple of weeks at a time.

The night of this story I was actually in Chapel Hill, NC where my younger granddaughter goes for medical care at UNC. She was born with a few genetic problems. We had spent all day at the hospital and had another full day of doctors and tests to look forward to. I have to say that I now find it hard to sleep with my graddaughter as I still wait for a repeat! LOL

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