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great thought #30

Our weather hasn’t warmed up quite yet, though we have had a couple days in the lower 80’s. But when I talked with my daughter-in-law in California one day last week, her thermometer was already hovering near 100. I then remembered a great idea that I read about not long ago.

On days when our little ones come in all hot and sweaty from playing outside and the air is so heavy that it is often hard to sleep, why not place the top sheet from their beds nicely folded into the refrigerator at supper time? And then, right after they get out of a cool bath and are heading for bed, let them take out the sheet, spreading it over their little bodies. Wouldn’t that feel wonderful? I am certain a peaceful sleep wouldn’t be far behind.

I only wish I had heard of this “cool” idea the summer I was pregnant with Will and we had no air-conditioning in our bedroom!


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