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“As Christians, I believe that we ought to have a similar sort of nurturing instinct, a part of “just who we are” that drives us to have compassion toward others, that calls us to continually look out for the best interests of those who are in spiritual need, that is willing to sacrifice to do the right thing in order to help and protect a fellow believer, especially those who might be weak in the faith. This is why the topic of spiritual abuse is so heinous, why it is so painful. You see, the opposite of spiritually abusing someone is to spiritually nurture them.” Listen here for this week’s concluding podcast in the spiritual abuse series entitled “Spiritual nurturing vs spiritual abuse.

The song at the conclusion of the podcast was written by my son, Ben, and was sung with Julie Davis.



  crushed kernel wrote @

To the young lady that emailed Karen ~

Psalm 45:9-11

  Cindy K wrote @


This was a perfect, soothing ending to bathe in after discussion of so much on this tender topic. Thank you for all of this. I’m flooded with thoughts and emotions.

  thatmom wrote @

Cindy, there was just so much that could have been said but it did need to have a redeeming, peaceful quality after such heavy talk! When Ben shared that song with me a few months ago, after he and Julie had sung it in her church in Virginia, I was so moved by how it complimented the spiritual abuse topic. Calling out to the Lord is ALL we have in those times, trulyl.

  TulipGirl wrote @

This one really moved me. . . Very timely, encouraging. . . I think that it should be listened to FIRST in the series on spiritual abuse as well as at the end. *grin*

And the song was just so lovely. . .

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