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june 6 podcast

The other day I was at Walmart and the woman in front of me was buying several math and phonics workbooks. I smiled at her and then at her son, who was about 6, and then I said “You’d better be careful. That is how I started out and before you knew it I was homeschooling my children…all six of them!” She looked somewhat frightened, and backed up as though I might be contagious, and then explained all the reasons she could never teach her own little boy.” Listen here for this week’s podcast entitled “So You Think You Want to Homeschool? ~ Part One



  Julie wrote @

Just got done listening to this. I love it! I feel like you are so balanced on so many things. I especially felt that way about your views of youth ministry.

If you’re looking into homeschooling and reading any literature out there about it, it seems like there is only ONE way to be a Christian homeschooler and that’s to do it the way my state homeschool group does (

Thanks for sharing how there’s no one cookie cutter way to be a homeschooler :).

  Julie wrote @

Oh my–I’ve been joking for a while now that christian home educators of colorado, my state group, says that if you homeschool, have a family integrated church, avoid college, have a home business then you’ll get godly children who can traipse across the stage at the next convention playing their harps looking like the Von Trapp Family singers.

I just got on chec’s website and they are hosting them for a concert in denver.

if my husband wasn’t sleeping next to me, i’d be dying laughing. no lederhosen for my 8 year old boy!

just had to share!

  thatmom wrote @


My husband has often said that the only qualification some youth leaders have is that they were most recently youth themselves! WE ahve seen that and we have also seen 40-ish couples as youth leaders who were struggling because their own children didn’t even attend church. This list goes on and on.

And on the other hand, we know some wonderful youth pastors who are seriously wanting to be there to encourage the parents and to build solid relationships between all ages within the body of Christ.

Once again, I believe fear has much to do with this. And after we had a few of our own bad experiences, we were inclined that direction as well. We saw everyone who wasn’t on the same page with us about everything as an enemy of our family. I add this to my hall of shame.

  thatmom wrote @

Oh, and when we lived in Germany, we were in this little village in the Alps and all the men, no matter what their ages, wore lederhosen. It was a sight we became so familiar with that years later when we saw Francis Schaeffer speaking, it didn’t phase us. The Von Trapps are certainly in the appropriate costumes to remind everyone of their heritage.

But you do bring up an interesting point…the young people who are being used to promote certain homeschooling lifestyles is disconcerting. I refer back to my articles on Christian voyeurism and Christian exhibitionism. It all reminds me of that line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where Tula says ‘And then my grandmother came to live with us, as if we weren’t weird enough.” Sometimes I think that there are homeschoolers who actually want to draw attention to themselves and do so by trying to be as odd as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand and agree with wanting to dress modestly and that some girls love to dress in really girly clothes. That is ok. But they ought to be certain that they are sending the message they want to send.

  TulipGirl wrote @

Hubby has had the primary responsibility of homeschooling our boys the past two years. Sometime in the next year or so, I’ll be the primary homeschool teacher again. . . I’m looking forward to it, but even with the btdt experience we’ve had, I’ve felt like a h/s “newbie” lately. This podcast was very encouraging for me today.

  thatmom wrote @

You know, TG, it is a funny thing. After I listened to that podcast I cringed a little at the lessons the Lord is still teaching me about my own children. Since my youngest one is 17, the is unnerving!

I am reading a couple books right now that have been really insightful about raising children AND relating to the culture. Both are by George Bartna…Revolutionary Parenting and Unchristian. I think you guys would enjoy them and the implications for both your family and ministry.

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