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anne has some good questions for doug phillips

Just wanted to be sure that others saw this wonderful post written by Anne over at white-washed feminists. (Gotta have a sense of humor, huh?)  And while you are over there, check out the rest of the articles on this new blog.  Such thinking AND compassion seem to be rare commodities these days and it is refreshing to find both of these traits expressed by Jennifer and Anne.



  Cally Tyrol wrote @

Thank you so much for the mention, Karen. We are so honored!!

  thatmom wrote @

My pleasure, Anne and Cally, and keep these great thoughts coming!

  The Savage wrote @

Karen, the second link doesn’t work. Looks like you need to drop the “s” off of feminists. 🙂
They do have a great site though! I keep forgetting to book-mark it and coming back here to link to it again. LOL

  thatmom wrote @

The Savage,

Thanks for the heads up. I think it works fine now!

  The Savage wrote @

It works!! 🙂 And I remembered to book-mark it the last time I was there… Yeah for us! 😉

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