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grandbaby photo of the week

Lovely Viola


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  Cindy K wrote @


The joy and look of thoughtfulness in Viola’s eyes were like wonderful medicine to my heart and soul. My first response was, from her thoughtful expression in the photo (at that stage when babies have that look of the wisdom of the silver haired) was “Look out world!” I hope and pray that she sets her corner of the world on its ear for Jesus and the Gospel.

When I was in my cultic church, one of the “inner circle” babies always wore a thoughtful expression that I once said with the pastor’s wife and three generations of his female progenitors in earshot: “My you’re so thoughtful, you look as though you have all the secrets to solve all the problems of the universe, if you could just figure out how to talk!” His grandmother made no eye contact with me, turned and looked at him, and said with all seriousness “Watch out. Thinking can get you into a lot of trouble.” Then she spun around on her heels and glared at me. I thought I had bestowed the greatest compliment that I can bestow upon anyone, and it was just another prophetic sign of the mindset there. Little Viola brought this scene to my mind, and I rejoice in the knowledge that not everyone bears such an aversion to thinking!

It was also a great contrast and amazing in its timing. I had a headache and napped this afternoon, dreaming that I had two anatomically altered babies that I cared for lovingly that died in my arms because they could not live. As the dream went on, I noticed weird things about how their weight was dropping and how the distortions became more and more obvious until I could no longer keep them alive. Then I awakened to log on to, and I poured my heart out in a comment under the photo that Anne now displays there. How odd to awaken from a dream to be stirred by a photo of her grief?

But then finished there and linked over here to be greeted by the smiling Viola. It so ministered to me and reminded me that despite all of this disturbing misery, there is also great joy and hope and promise. I’m so glad that I came over here to see it and so glad that you chose this one to post.

I’m smiling with you all.

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