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what I did on my summer vacation

Trip to Belding

We said we would drive that car ‘til the doors fell off and we did.
Chevy Vega, precious cargo sharing the turned down hatch back,
now a cozy bed under the Michigan stars.
Three round faces in the moonlight, peaceful sleep,
only the sound of the tires turning on the pavement
and the gentle breathing of small children.

I pat your leg as you drive.
You sip coffee from a scratched green thermos.

Coming home, I balance a cardboard box of blueberries on my lap.
We stayed too long.
Somehow they like the grandchildren better in pictures.
Red pop and pizza rolls.
Clayton begs to eat salad for lunch.

We’re home, we’re home, we’re home, home, home.



  Julie wrote @

Somehow they like the grandchildren better in pictures.

You summarized many trips with my family…

  thatmom wrote @

You know, I have such a hard time with this. I love getting pictures but they always make me long for the little ones even more.

Once our children were older, however, my husband would take just one of them along to visit his folks for a weekend and they loved it. They were really happy to have that one-on-one time to talk with them.

  mollie wrote @

that “we’re home” chant we did had to be sooooo annoying. i only understand this now.

  thatmom wrote @

Mollie, it is a funny thing. You guys would be sound asleep for hours and then, as though you were programmed, you woke up as we drove into Canton and would be wide awake just about the time Dad and I were ready for bed. And of course, since Dad had to get up the next morning for work, I was the one who had to try to get you back to sleep. Isn’t it interesting how some things never change?

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