real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

sunday morning worship



  Cindy K wrote @

Why does this look like scenes from Pennsylvania to me? A couple look like Port Matilda and scenes from “80,” the highway that stretches across the middle of the state.

It reminds me of when I talked about how beautiful the Smokies were when we stopped there on our honeymoon. My grandfather said, “Yeah, but there’s nothing quite as pretty as the mountains of Pennsylvania, is there ?” I think it means I’m getting old!

  Kathleen wrote @

I love this song! It’s so uplifting and the harmonies are so fun. What a great way to remember God’s important encouragements from His Word.

  thatmom wrote @

Kathleen, I have been so blessed by the wonderful music we sing during our am worship services. So much of it is Scripture like this one. I have decided to add a video to this blog every Sunday morning so if some mom isn’t able to go to church for some reason, she can still be blessed by the worship of the Lord through music.

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