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great thought #37

“Some people expect almost infinite wisdom in a child before they can believe him to be the subject of divine grace. This is monstrous. Then, again, if a believing child should act like a child, some of the fathers of the last generation judged that he could not be converted, as if conversion to Christ added twenty years to our age. Of course, the young convert must not play anymore, nor talk in his own childish fashion, or the seniors would be shocked. It was a sort of understood thing that as soon as a child was converted, he was to turn into an old man!

“I never could see anything in Scripture to support this theory. However, Scripture was not so much cared for as the judgment of the deeply experienced people, along with the general opinion that it was well to summer and winter all converts before admitting them into the sacred enclosures of the church. Now, if any of you still have an idea in your head hostile to the conversion of children, try to get rid of it, for it is wrong as wrong can be. If there were two inquirers before me now, a child and a man, and I received from each the same testimony, I should have no more right to distrust the child than to suspect the man. In fact, if suspicion must come in anywhere, it ought rather to be exercised towards the adult than in reference to the child, who is far less likely to be guilty of hypocrisy than the man, and far less likely to have borrowed his words and phrases. Anyway, learn from the Master’s words that you are not to try to make the child like yourself, but you are to be transformed until you yourself are like the child.”

Charles H. Spurgeon in Feed My Sheep


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