real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

mid-summer crisis…..

95 degrees predicted today
waiting for the air-conditioning repairman



  Cindy Marsch wrote @

I prescribe several hours at the mall, an iced coffee, and a bookstore to browse in.

  Cindy K wrote @

Drink, drink, drink lots of water….

And avoid controversial subject matter. Ha!

  thatmom wrote @

And as if the original circumstances weren’t hot enough, I had one of those Amazon Barbie moments again today.

I had gone to an appointment and my son was home and instructed the air conditioning repairman where everything was etc. I came home and Ben told me that he had been there and went for a part and would return. I saw that the air had been turned back on and immediately turned it off so as not to stress the already too hot motor. We waited all afternoon and he didn’t return. Finally, at ten til five I called him and he told me he had returned, replaced the part, and it was working like a dream so he turned the air on. He didn’t want to bother us. All this happened by 10:30 this morning and I spent 6 1/2 hours wishing for air, sweating under the fan, etc. 🙂

  Lin wrote @

A few summers ago we literally moved into a hotel for a week. It was so hot and all the AC people so backed up it took that long to get someone in to fix it. We city people are a wimpy lot.

  thatmom wrote @

I remember being pregnant during the summer of 1988, the driest and hottest summer I ever remember. We only had a single window unit in the living room and at night when I went up to bed, the most comfortable place to sleep, I draped a wet towel over my enormous tummy and stretched out in front of a fan. I look back on that and don’t know how I did it. My personal thermostat now would never make it. I tell my husband every summer that central air-conditioning was God’s gift to him during my post-menopausal years!

Oh, and I just remembered that cool hint I posted a while back….put a bed sheet in the fridge for a few hours before bed and wrap up in it to hasten sleep during hot weather.

  Anne2 wrote @

Rofl……..sorry this just hit me as Sooooo….funny. If you lived where I do, (Ont.Can.) it’s legal for women to remove their tops, just like the men…..rofl…..I threaten my men with that all the time…..when they walk around…topless… you have a basement?….cement floor garage?….our cat lipidly lolls around under the lilacs on those steamy days….thinking of you today FOR Sure!

  thatmom wrote @

Anne2, now that made ME laugh!

The air is on, btw, and gloriously COLD!!!

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