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A couple weeks ago we were so blessed to have my son Ben’s friend, Lon Eldridge visiting us. He drove up from Tennessee so the two of them could record an album and I will be sharing the fruits of their efforts as soon as all the songs are mixed. Lon brought along about 2 dozen instruments and they played a mixture of gospel, blues, bluegrass, techo, and who knows what. While they were here, they recorded a new version of Mom’s Prairie Song for the thatmom podcasts which will premiere with tomorrow’s podcast. See how many of those instruments you can identify!



  Anne2 wrote @

The man to right is wearing paisley.
Is that allowed?

  thatmom wrote @

I should have noted that Lon is on the left and Ben is on the right. And you have no idea of the controversy surrounding that shirt! It is really my son, Joe’s size but he didn’t have any money with him when they were at Goodwill so Ben bought him the shirt with the stipulation that Joe would eat half of an onion that came with Lon’s burger. Joe did but when they got home Ben wanted to wear the shirt for the photo. It is an awesome shirt with rose and gold paisley. And it IS allowed in my house!!!:)

  Anne2 wrote @


  Juliene Herr wrote @

Karen, I LOVED the new music! I really enjoyed the podcast, too, and cannot wait to read Second John! Juliene

  thatmom wrote @

Juliene you will love the tracts I am going to share once Ben is done mixing them. There is a nice bluegrass edge and some of them are so beautiful.

By the way, the new instruments are mandolin, acoustic guitar, ukulele, accordion, and washboard!

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