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quick note about “movement homeschoolers”

This afternoon I am seeing a huge jump in visits from several different sites who are linking to the “raising homeschooling daughters” series. For clarification, I wanted to note that I didn’t coin the phrase or the concept “movement homeschoolers.” This was a label given by R. C. Sproul Jr. to himself and others in this article (scroll down to “I resemble that remark”) to which I responded in this blog entry. Hope that helps for those who wondered what in the world I was talking about in this series!

Also, for those who may be new to this blog or to the term “patriocentricity” I would encourage you to listen to the first podcast in my series on patriocentricity and patriarchy. (If you have never listened to a podcast, it is fun! Just go to the september 7 thread, click on the icon, and listen from your computer. It should take about 20 seconds to download and you don’t need an ipod or any other mp3 player to use this.) For the record, I do not claim a label in the gender debates because I think there are way too many shades of pink and blue in the discussions to be able to identify myself accurately. At one time I would have proudly embraced the word “complementarian” but it has been hijacked and is now used by people who hold to some very unbiblical ideas regarding men, women, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters.


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