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happy birthday, sweet william

We are celebrating yet another birthday today. Our son, William is twenty today. We named him William James because it means strong-willed defender of the truth. Our prayer for him is that he will be just that all the days of his life.

I can’t hardly believe how fast the time has flown. He was born nearly on his due date, in the hottest and driest summer I can ever remember. There were birth complications and a near C-section and lots of learning disabilities down the road but he is precious and wonderful and Clay and I are so thankful that the Lord gave him to our family. This is the child who swallowed a handful of coins and had to have surgery. This is the child who shoved a plastic yellow BB up his nose and had to have surgery. (Both instances took place in other homes where the families didn’t realize how fast and creative this toddler could be!) When he was only two he started escaping from the house and we had to put large bolt locks at the top of all the outside doors. This is the child who thought he would “go camping” in his closet and rolled out sleeping bags, closed the door, and lit a camping lantern….and set the house on fire…on the windiest day I can ever remember. One of our children said that Will is the one who has taught us all the character quality of attentiveness and it is true.

Will picked what he wanted to do today so we went to a matinee of The Dark Knight (absolutely awesome!) and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, followed by a DQ ice cream cake and two episodes from the 6th season of the Monk DVD his brother gave him. Happy Birthday, Will. Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of being Will’s mom. Here’s to celebrating many, many more wonderful days together!



  Susan T wrote @

I’ve not met any of your children except Ben, a few years ago via PCA co-op activities., so its been neat to learn that you have 1 or is it 2? younger sons, about my girls’ ages. It is fun to remember all we’ve been through- I was expecting our first during that horribly hot, humid, drought of ’88 and driving to Canton every day to work at either First Christian(Christian Ed/Youth/Children) or June’s Brides (sewing gowns). I was sick each morning from June to mid-August and queasy the rest of the day…. that heat did NOT help. I am so thankful that I had two more children without an exact repeat of that time!
Thanking the Lord with you for your blessed children and mine, Susan

  thatmom wrote @

Susan, wasn’t that an awful summer? I remember feeling like it was never gong to end. The only air conditioning we had was on the first floor and so I spent most of my days in that room napping and playing with Ben, who was a toddler. And then at night I would stretch a wet towel over my enormous tummy hoping to sleep and trying to not touch Clay!

Did you work with Kyle at June’s Brides?

  Susan T wrote @

Yes- an awful summer… my measuring line for every summer since.

I don’t remember a Kyle at June’s Brides… it was just June Fiddler, Donna_____, and one other part time gal. After I had Lauren in Feb ’89, I went back for a few weekends in the spring and then just brought dresses home to finish and then quit and advertised for my own sewing customers for about 3 yrs.

I was talking to Susie P last week and those Canton years 20-21 yrs ago are just a blur… hard to recall the Before Children years.

  Susan T wrote @

I tried to comment yesterday… but it never showed up….

I remember putting my hot feet in a pan of icewater to try to cool off… I think there were several thunderstorms where we lost power, but never got the usual rain…. just more humidity….

I don’t remember a Kyle… I worked in a little house on a streeet south of the street K-Mart is on, a couple of blocks east of South 78… June was not yet? uptown when I worked for her… or else she was no longer?? uptown… those pre-child years are fuzzy.

  thatmom wrote @

Kyle is a dear friend whose husband pastored a church in Canton. She is an amazing seamstress and worked for Kathy’s Bridals and Lee Rose. I am not sure where else she worked or the exact time frame. A lot of my years are fuzzy….and getting fuzzier! 🙂

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