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more insights from Cindy Kunsman

I wanted to pass along this fine series of articles that Cindy Kunsman uploaded today in case anyone missed them. I got a chill when I saw that she had similar thoughts to those I made in my current podcast.



  Cindy K wrote @

I love when God does this. You know. Every thing you hear on the radio talks about something, then you go to church and hear the same message, then your Bible randomly falls open to the passage that discusses the theme. And then your friends start randomly talking and mention the topic, all without any connection to your church or the same radio shows.

We are members of one another, and if the Lord speaks a message to the church (this one about real love and real unity), we presumably should be getting the same message from the Holy Spirit. It’s nice to get that kind of feedback from life, as it suggests that (despite whatever other input we have invading our brains) we know the voice of our Good Shepherd and follow Him.

I just pray that the message gets through to the church. We are called to love one another and be known for our love. We are not called to legitimize the beliefs of the heathen, but showing love and compassion to the lost does not do that. There are Good Samaritans out there, and we are called to love our own as well as those who are outside of our group. Election has nothing to do with how we allocate our love and compassion to a dying world. And I pray that churches realize that they are also called to minister and share with the needy, both those who are outside their walls of fellowship as well as THOSE INSIDE. There are many Christians in churches who are passed over for care and ministry because people in their congregations don’t think they should be “rewarded” with care because they don’t look or act like their ideal.

I pray that the message in your most recent podcast, particularly the message of becoming like the Good Samaritan, was impressed uponmore folks than just the two of us. I’m encouraged to think that if we both independently were lead by the Holy Spirit to the message of the essentials of loving one another, then others in the church were also. And that is exciting and hopeful.

  Lin wrote @

Since Cindy no longer has comments, I want to say that this is one of the best pieces I have ever seen written on this subject.

I urge everyone to read it.

  Laura Zielke wrote @

Is there a way to get in touch with Cindy Kusman? I would really like to talk with her about the school I’m teaching in: I think it’s patriarchal, and I’m very concerned.

  thatmom wrote @

Hi Laura.

You can contact Cindy at

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