real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

great thought #39

HT: Cindy Kunsman



  Juliene Herr wrote @

Karen, I tried to find the address to email you privately but couldn’t. I’m wondering if you have the Aug. 1st podcast done. I’m having a few issues with my computer. It can’t seem to find yesterday’s podcast so I’m wondering if you don’t have it done yet or if it is my computer’s fault. Thanks! Juliene

  Lin wrote @

Great quote and I can agree with it. I just wish I had not rebelled in my teens. I now see how right and deep a Christian she was. It is startling to look back and see all the warning signs she gave me about the church, false teachers and especially people caught up in promoting secondary doctrines as primary ones. She kept a razor sharp focus on Christ alone. It is the safest place.

She got up every morning and studied scripture and prayed before we all got out of bed.

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