real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

august 1 podcast

“Homeschooling mothers, for the most part, rarely are able to find times of peace and quietness. Spending most of our days in the chaos of family life, paperwork and clutter, and the never ending cycles of meal preparation, cleaning and laundry, we need more than Calgon to take us away. But even more important than a peaceful household, we need to seek to be women of discernment whose spiritual lives are not in upheaval because we do not know what we believe or how to apply those beliefs to our lives.” Listen here to this week’s podcast as I discuss the admonition for moms to be women of discernment as taught in the book of 2 John.



  TulipGirl wrote @

Just finished this series today. Excellent, excellent. Must listening for all homeschool moms.

  thatmom wrote @

TG, this study was such a personal blessing to me. The more I read the book of John alongside the small epistles, the more treasure I kept finding. Isn’t that the wonder of God’s Word, that there are so many wonderful truths just waiting for us to discover them. And because each believer is guided by the Holy Spirit as she reads, we are led down rare and precious paths to discover the verses the Lord wants to impress on us. I am glad you were blessed by my treasure hunt, too. 🙂

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