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happy birthday to dad

Today we are celebrating Clay’s birthday with lasagna, cheesecake, presents, and much thankfulness for the most wonderful of husbands and dads.  May the Lord give you many more years in His service, love.



  Cindy K wrote @

Happy Birthday, thatdad!

  mollie wrote @

yay! happy birthday, old man. . .

  RichardD wrote @

Happy birthday, Dad! (Is it possible to put some of that lasagna in the RSS feed?)

  thatmom wrote @

So, Richard, what is with men and lasagna? I mean, really, forget the Chanel #5, and just slap on some Italian sausage and cheese and they will follow you anywhere!!!

  RichardD wrote @

lasagna, Italian sausage, ricotta cheese … mmmmm (to be read in a Homer Simpson voice).

Yeah – we’re pretty easy to figure out, aren’t we? That must be why they say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

I hope his day was great!

  Light wrote @

Karen, I can see why you married this fellow. He has such a kind face. Happy birthday, thatdad!

  Cindy K wrote @

I want to know how he enjoyed his belated birthday gift of seeing his good lady wife’s quote in Ethics Daily!

  thatmom wrote @

We have been celebrating all week with lasagna and cheesecake making their way into his lunch box.

The three boys at home ordered the complete Three Stooges with Curly episodes and they have yet to arrive from Amazon but when they do they will be the certain favorite birthday gift. Lasagna AND Stooges? Oh boy.

  thatmom wrote @

Light, I often joke with Clay that he reminds me of Sheriff Andy Taylor because he is so kind and patient!

  thatmom wrote @

Cindy, Clay was as happy as I was to see Bob Allen address this topic. We are both in awe that people we known personally have not done their research and are citing Kim in a Shoe’s “statistics” and “research” as the standard. I am working on an article for this blog on Samaritan Ministries’ publishing of her article in their recent newsletter. I have contacted 5 national pro-life groups and all of them are dumbfounded and barely known how to respond. It will be interesting to see how they do. Most of them had never even heard of Vision Forum and none of them had heard of Samaritan Ministries so they may not see these groups as as consequential as I do since they are more well known within homeschooling circles and that is where the real danger lies. More on this later….

  how did they know I am doris? « thatmom wrote @

[…] Clay is not Rock Hudson or Gary Grant. He is Jonas […]

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