real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

great thought #42

“Among the thoughts that come to an old man before he enters heaven, the most plentiful are those that had before visited him when he sat upon his mother’s knee. That which made Dr. Guthrie ask for a “bairn’s hymn” when he was dying, is but an instinct of our nature, which leads us to complete the circle by folding together the ends of life. Childlike things are dearest to old age. We shuffle off a portion of the coil that surrounds and hampers us, and go back again to our more natural selves. Therefore, the old songs are on our lips, and the old thoughts are in our minds. The teachings of our childhood leave clean-cut and sharp impressions upon the mind, which remain after seventy years have passed. Let us see that such impressions are made for the highest ends.” ~ Charles H. Spurgeon


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