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are you considering a family integrated church?

If you are in any way associated with the Family Integrated Church movement that embraces the doctrines of Doug Phillips, most of which are made up of all homeschooling families, I would encourage you to check out the latest series of articles by Cindy Kunsman. She has done a terrific job, in a very succinct article, of tracing the history of this modern movement to the antebellum south, and the renewed, though not historically supported, concept that the Civil War was a theological war. (For more study on this topic, here is another article that expands on this. It is interesting to note that many of the concepts promoted within the modern patriocentric movement, particularly as written by Phil Lancaster, are straight from these early writings by Dabney, Thornwell, and Palmer.



  thatmom wrote @

You should note that the FIC movement has many different flavors and not all of them embrace all of the same teachings. However, be sure you understand the philosophies behind this movement, the reasons certain things are done certain ways, and the motivation behind the movement in the first place.

Do your homework, and be Bereans!

  Eric wrote @

You know, for my own family, if we were to visit a church made up entirely of home school families, that might be reason enough not to join. We support home schooling, and plan to do it with our boys. We wish there were home schoolers in our current congregation, and more in our denomination. But it seems to me that the church should be monolithic in one and only one area — its confession of Christ. And home schooling, despite what Doug Phillips (and others) might say to the contrary, really is NOT a part of that confession.

  Cindy K wrote @

Eric, you rock. It’s all about the preaching of Christ and Him Crucified, focusing on the essentials that gives us cause for rejoicing in our fellowship together in Him. How beautiful that we can have unity in the love that we have for one another under The Blood of the Lamb of God, though we lack uniformity. I think that it makes our unity all the more precious and wonderful as God works us together, brining us together in Him, not through our own efforts or through the outward things.

You are a blessing to me and I’m glad that you’re my brother in Christ Jesus Our Lord.

  thatmom wrote @


Thanks for your astute comment. You are correct that preaching Jesus and Him crucified is what unites us as brothers and sisters in the Lord.

We have had experience in both traditional churches and in family integrated ones. I would much prefer that my children get to know a variety of ages of people than is usually afforded in an FIC type of church. Actually, we are in our mid-fifties and there are few people our age or older in these churches and unless you homeschooled or currently homeschool, there would certainly be an uncomfortable breech in relationships.

My mom always lamented that there was no one older than us in our FIC church and she often felt quite lonely and ignored.

We also know that Christian schoolers and public schoolers would never feel comfortable in homeschooler-only churches, especially since there are those who believe that not homeschooling disqualifies a man from church leadership.

  thatmom wrote @

Here is another great resource for those who are interested in knowing more about this movement:

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