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Perhaps the most awesome moments of Sarah Palin’s electrifying and inspiring speech at the RNC on Wednesday night came in yet more examples of her family and their obvious relationships with each other. The smiles that can only come from the face of a very proud husband, the willingness of a young couple who has been mercilessly ostracized by a relentless liberal press to supportively stand alongside their mom, and the gentle touch of an older sister caressing her baby brother all show a side of family life in the Palin home that even many patriocentrists might envy.

But above all, the picture of Sarah Palin on that platform holding her precious baby son, a little boy who was born with Down’s syndrome, combined with her incredible comments about becoming an advocate in Washington for special needs children brought me to my feet to cheer and then to my knees in prayer. Even the press, I think, is beginning to realize that this is a woman who not only has strong convictions but lives by them as well.

As the mom of a child who struggles with learning disabilities, I know how hard it is to wake up every morning knowing that we will go over the same material we have gone over hundreds of times, hoping and praying that something will register that day in a mind I don’t completely understand.

I also understand the pain of rejection and, even more, the pain of hearing even other Christian homeschooling moms treat my child with disdain. I remember one Sunday watching as my then middle-school age son noticed that several of an elder’s family members were absent from worship and he began to express his concern, asking the man if they were all sick. He was dismissed as a nuisance by that man, treated as a freak, and it broke my heart. Other times he has been barely endured and even watched suspiciously because he isn’t like everyone else. But then again, these are the same sort of people who are throwing the first stones at a young woman in a crisis pregnancy and their parents.

Perhaps these small minded people will be the ones who can learn from Sarah Palin that the value of human life extends beyond the womb to children with all sorts of needs and their parents, too. Maybe, just maybe, the example of family one anothering demonstrated on Wednesday evening will move in the hearts of those who don’t get it about what real family relationships ought to look like.



  Carol (parenting freedom) wrote @

Great post.

Did you see this picture?

  thatmom wrote @

Oh, Carol, those are stunning!

Here is an article by Cal Thomas that was in our newspaper this morning that addresses some of your comments in your article!

  thatmom wrote @

I realized something else this morning…many of the patriocentrists wouldn’t even consider Sarah to be pro-life because she holds to the “life of the mother” exception for abortion.

  Angela wrote @

Great post, Karen. Thank you for being a consistent voice for the Truth. You are such an encouragement to me.

  peaceofchange wrote @

She rocks! Thanks for another great article.

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