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sunday morning worship

We were singing the hymn Are You Washed in the Blood during worship this morning and I suddenly remembered this song that I haven’t heard for years. It is one of the ones on my repertoire that I sang to my babies while I rocked them at night and the older ones would get the giggles because of the phrase “plunged me to victory” since it always made them think of the bathroom plunger!

I think I have some lingering Dollywood vibes going on here because I have been drawn to country gospel all week!



  TulipGirl wrote @

Speaking of country gospel. . . I heard a lovely rendition of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” on Garrison Keiller yesterday, of all places!

  Cindy K wrote @


I am proud to say that this is the first adult hymn that I learned as a child, serious little thing that I was, and the plunger factor never entered into it. I have vivid memories of following my mom around, getting her to help me learn all the words that I could not yet read for myself. I drove her crazy wanting her to read things for me, so much so that she bought a tape recorder so that I would not be a constant stress to her in this way. (I was apparently relentless, and I hated the tape recorder.)

I had a very hard time when I went to the altar in our church in response to the pastor’s altar call when I was 5. The woman who prayed with me at that altar continued to comment into my adulthood at how I asked her over and over whether she was sure that my name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. This song (one that may have been played that very Sunday) helped me have faith that my name does appear there, as I was pressed hard up against victory itself, even with the weight of the waters of this world pressing me to it even tighter. The Lord Himself held me down tight to it, cleansing me, because I felt so undone that it was hard to fathom that one such as I could be found in His book.

This is pretty wonderful, though. Something a child is bound to love. “I heard an old, old story…” I’m glad I didn’t ever make a “plunger” connection and learned this very likely before I ever appreciated what a plunger even was.

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