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sarah gets it on many levels

I just wanted to point out that Sarah Palin is aware of one of the key truths women must learn….every day becomes a better day when you are stepping out in red shoes.



  Cindy K wrote @


I don’t look good in red, but I do have 2 pairs of bright purple shoes and one pair of short, purple vinyl boots. Does that count?

  Cindy Marsch wrote @

I love red shoes and definitely noticed hers! 🙂

  Corrie wrote @

I don’t have any red shoes. Maybe I should get a pair?
I am pretty boring, black and brown are about as wild as I get.

Cindy, purple shoes? You wild woman!!! 🙂

Cindy Marsch? From the Mary Pride boards on AOL? A blast from the past! I hope all is well with you. I see you are still teaching writing skills.

  Lin wrote @

I have never had the nerve to wear red shoes. Probably because of my shoes size. But my petite sanguine mother had several pairs and loved them.

  Carol wrote @

I used to wear red sneakers (Canadian here) in high school and have a picture of my class in grad gowns where I had on my red footwear.

Go Sarah!

  Cindy K wrote @

Lin, I wear a 10 or an 11, depending on the cut of them and how much room there is in the toe box. If I can wear bright purple, you can wear red!

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