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september podcasts

September 12 ~ The Sweater Years, Part One

September 19 ~ The Sweater Years, Part Two

September 26 ~ God’s Promises to Homeschooling Moms from Psalm 33

I will be spending some time this month talking about how homeschooling moms can prepare for their “retirement years,” those days I like to call the “sweater years.” I will be explaining the importance of thinking ahead toward that time of life and offering some tips on how to make the adjustments that will necessarily come.

I will also be looking at Psalm 33 and how it can apply to each of us during whatever stage we are in as we raise our children and build relationships with them.


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  TulipGirl wrote @

I’m looking forward to these. . . While I’m still knee-deep in homeschooling, I’ve watched various friends and mentors as they hit those transition years. . .

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