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october podcasts

Did you ever wonder what happens to all those homeschoolers who grow up and take on the world? 

Over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to one of them who will be sharing with us his insights on homeschooling, Christians in politics, and the upcoming election.  Be sure to join me as I welcome homeschool graduate, elected official, entrepreneur, husband, and daddy, Aaron Klein, to the first three podcasts this month. 

Then, just as the cool October weather is calling for hot chocolate in front of a cozy fire, I will be reviewing 10 books that I believe will help to bring back your perspective as a mom and as a Christian. 

You will also want to mark your calendars because November is the month when I will be featuring highlights from the 6th Annual Treasures of a Mother’s Heart Day of Encouragement in Central Illinois which will be held on November 8 in Peoria.  If you are anywhere near us and would like to come, please drop me a note.  It is going to be a wonderful day!

October 3 ~ Homeschoolers and the 2008 Election, part 1

October 10 ~ Homeschoolers and the 2008 Election, part 2

October 17 ~ Homeschoolers and the 2008 Electon, part 3

October 24 ~ Reality Check: Five Books to Bring Back Your Perspective

October 31 ~ Reality Check:  Five More Books to Bring Back Even More Perspective


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