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upcoming articles on the blessings of sharing with other homeschooling moms

I am still in California, visiting with Clayton and his family, basking in the glow of our new granddaughter, Lucy! She is delicate and lovely and we are all so blessed by God’s gracious gift to us. 

Last week I spent an awesome evening with some young moms who are considering homeschooling and I will be talking about that one of these days.  Also, I spent last weekend at a 3 day retreat for homeschooling moms in the beautiful Manzano Mountains of Albuquergue, New Mexico and will be sharing some of my thoughts from that experience as well.  God is doing some wonderful things both in families and in the individual lives of moms who are committed to following the Lord as they love and nurture their children.  Though we are experiencing an uncertain economic time and are in the midst of an unsettling election year, God IS good and His mercies are new every morning.  I look forward to writing about what the Lord has been showing me through the lives of these precious moms.



  Momma Knows wrote @

A retreat for homeschool moms?! That sounds great! I just found your blog today… where were you when I started homeschooling ten years ago? I am no longer homeschooling (long story, you can read it on my blog) but your posts blow me away. I will be reading here for weeks! I just wanted to say I agree that it is of key importance for beginning homeschoolers to be able to gain wisdom and support from experienced homeschoolers. More experienced moms can help steer the newer ones from making tragic mistakes. The simpler mistakes are the ones we all learn from and the easiest to recover from. It’s the big ones we don’t expect which sideline us. (Such as getting involved with public school programs.) I wish I’d turned to my homeschool group, and some of the older moms I know there, when I was struggling. Now I’m praying my husband will let me bring my kids home again soon. Your blog is amazing, and I’m sure your new website will be too, once you get it up and running!

  thatmom wrote @

Hi Momma and welcome to my blog. I look forward to reading more of your insights and am heading over to your blog this morning!

I was so blessed during my visits with moms over the past couple of weeks and especially was encouraged by the one anothering I saw going on among homeschooling moms. And not just in the way they encouraged each other in the area of homeschooling. One story particularly was awesome. A mom shared her testimony about wanting to become more healthy and to get into the routine of eating well and exercising. So two of her homeschooling mom friends have come alongside of her, one of them having already walked the same path, losing 100 pounds in the last couple of years. Their testimonies of having each other to lean on was so inspirational!

I also am encouraged when I see moms realizing that other moms NEED to be encouraged and to that end they are offering these retreats. I continue to pray that there will be homeschooling mom retreats all across the country within driving distance for any mom who wants to attend. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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