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Obama out of touch with reality

In the past few months I have been continually amazed at how out of touch Obama is with reality when it comes to issues of morality, especially in the area of the sanctity of human life. But hearing his views on the coal industry over the weekend proved to me that he is also clueless when it comes to even the very basic areas of life that affect real people every single day.

Here is a tape of an interview he gave in San Francisco a few months ago where he is discussing the coal industry. Not only do I live in a coal state, or what was one until Illinois coal mines were closed a few years ago, my husband is the electrical planner for the largest coal powered electrical generating station in the United States; it is also the second largest in the world. The parent company, Edison Mission, is ahead of the curve on technology that will bring about even more efficient use of clean coal in the decades to come, recognizing that the demand for electrical energy is growing by the day. In fact, Obama’s assertion that he will bankrupt coal powered plants is ludicrous. Ideas have consequences and it seems that Obama is willing to promise anything to anyone without considering the ramifications of his own agenda.


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