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a week of thankful


The next seven days on my to-do list look busy. This year we aren’t inviting anyone to Thanksgiving dinner as we usually do. Clay is taking the four-day vacation to build and paint new storage in the upstairs bathroom and to paint the downstairs half bath and replace the cracked sink. For this I am thankful. The anticipation of the entire family being here at Christmas is enhanced only by thoughts of tidy bathrooms to greet them all. But I will still cook a feast, though a small one, and we will set aside time to express our thankfulness to the Lord for another year of His lovingkindness to us.

In looking back over this past year, there are so many things for which to thank God, to praise Him for His faithfulness to me and to my family. I am going to list just a few of those things each day during the next week.

I am thankful for:

Christian parents ~ My dad has been gone for nearly 14 years. He loved the Lord and he loved me and his absence has been one of the greatest sorrows of my life. My mom has lived with us since then and one of my daily blessings is listening to my mother pray during family devotions. With each day of her life, her faith in the Lord is stronger and sweeter and for that I am thankful.

A pastor who preaches the Word of God ~ This week marked the 30th year since Jim Jones led his followers into mass suicide. I remember watching the news accounts and thinking “who would ever believe such nonsense” but have learned since then that lots of people are willing to follow those who pervert the Bible for their own purposes. The pastor of my church continually reminds us that we are to be Bereans, admonishing us to always come back to the Bible and to hold everything he says up to its absolute truth. Today I am thankful for Ritch Boerckel.

Children who want to serve Jesus ~ This past election season brought much discussion in our family about issues of life and godliness as we seek to be a reflection of Jesus in this world. There were several times when I was humbled as I got off the phone and thought about some of the things my children have taught me as they seek to live biblically. It is only by God’s grace that I can enjoy these moments. Today I am thankful for His grace that flows through the lives of my kids.

…more tomorrow


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