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being thankful on friday

Today I am thankful for:

America ~ We have so many, many freedoms that others do not enjoy and the privilege of worshipping the Lord without fear of government intrusion. Even when I drive down the road and have praise music playing from my radio, I can rejoice and be thankful for this blessing.

Friends both far and near ~ The Lord has given me so many dear friends through the years and though they may live far away, we can share fellowship via e-mail and by phone. So today I am thankful for the blessing of Christian fellowship and for the internet that allows me to keep in touch!

The simple pleasures of life all around me ~ I am so thankful for the gifts that God has given to me in that are found in the small things… fresh clean sheets, a warm slice of fresh bread, the soft purr of a cat, the laughter around the dinner table, the fresh air I enjoy because of where we live, the changing seasons, the singing of birds, the joy of all nature around me. Scripture tells us that if we don’t praise God that the rocks themselves will cry out His praise and I believe it. Some days I can nearly hear all creation singing to the Lord and praising His name. Today I am thankful for the simple things.


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